Why does an Animal Rescue Need Insurance?

October 7, 2013

Animal rescue insurance is simply essential for any shelter or agency. While these centers save hundreds of dogs and cats per day, they are not exempt from legal ramifications or lawsuits. This is especially true if a person gets bitten or injured by one of these animals within their premises. Most rescue centers also double up as adoption agencies. This is a great way to find lost, abused, and discarded animals new homes. These animal welfare organizations also provide animals for other charitable and philanthropic endeavors. This includes dogs and cats that provide company for elderly and bed ridden patients.

While animal rescue insurance agencies provide a great service to the public, they must have some type of insurance. This includes property insurance, which protects their structures from fires, vandalism, and other structural mishaps. Theft insurance protects animal shelters from robberies and break-ins. Insurance is also available for all directors, managers, employees, and volunteers. This can be medical, along with dental and other benefits. Securing the right insurance, however, depends on the needs of the animal shelter or agency in question. Sadly, many organizations feel they do not need insurance because they are too small. Others believe they are exempt from lawsuits since they are providing a valuable service to the public.

If you work in or manage one of these organizations, animal rescue insurance is simply vital. Whether it’s property or accident insurance, you need coverage that will effectively protect your employees and patrons. Sadly, there are many people out there that love to sue small or big companies. Most of these people, however, are simply looking to milk your business or insurance company out of thousands of dollars. With the right insurance, however, your business will fully protected against faulty or fake claims. Insurance also covers any accidents or mishaps that occur on your property. This includes animal bites, along with fenders benders in the parking lot.

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