An Animal Shelter Vision: How to Create One with Meaning

October 2, 2013

Creating an animal shelter is a noble profession. Animal shelters provide a place for abused, abandoned and homeless animals. In order to start a business helping animals, you must have a passion for animals and helping the needy. In addition to your passion, you must also create a vision. Writing a vision for your shelter is a great way to plan out the growth and development of the shelter. Here are some things you can include in your vision for opening a shelter for animals.

Financing – Where is the money going to come from? You need a building, staff and supplies. You also need the proper licensing and certifications if you don’t already have them. There are grants and donors who can help finance the shelter. If you have money saved, count that in the total you have. Tally up how much you need now and in the future.

Types of animals – Will your shelter be just for dogs, cats, or both. There are many types of animals. You should narrow down the list and be realistic about the animals you would like to care for.

Capacity – How many animals will you take in? How long will you keep them? What are the laws in your state concerning how many animals are allowed? You should definitely know the answer to this before completing your vision.

Services – What services will you offer? Will you partner with a local vet clinic and other non-profits? Make sure this is included in the vision to provide clarity.

When writing your vision you should make it clear and to the point. Many of the points in your vision can help you build a successful business plan and a mission statement to guide your staff. Opening an animal shelter can be a wonderful and rewarding service. Take the time to think about all the steps before you begin.

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