Protect Your Volunteers

October 1, 2013

Accident & Health insurance provides cover in the event a volunteer is injured while working for an organization in an official capacity.  This coverage usually pays medical expenses that the volunteer’s health insurance will not cover.

An accident & health insurance policy will provide coverage for the policy holder who becomes ill, injured or in worst case scenario dies from an accident that occurred while volunteering for an organization. This type of policy is sometimes called accident and sickness insurance.

A typical accident health insurance policy might cover expenses for most or all of the costs for any necessary surgery. Accident and Health insurance might cover doctor’s visits, prescription drugs and medical procedures. Some insurance policies will cover loss of income due to injury or sickness such as critical illness, cancer and disabilities.

It is usual for the policyholder to pay a monthly premium for the coverage. It is important to note some insurers insist this premium must not be subsidized by one’s employer or voluntary organization. In other instances group insurance can be purchased. In addition, the policy holder might have to pay for certain procedures not covered by the policy.

In the USA, lots of people acquire accident and health insurance through employer benefits; this is because it is very expensive to purchase on one’s own. Conversely, many people have group insurance to provide medical coverage to keep costs down.

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