Why is Volunteering Important to Shelters?

September 26, 2013

Animal shelter volunteering is something that can make a great difference in a community as well as in the lives of homeless animals. Whether it be walking a few dogs during the day, completing paperwork or helping to raise funds for a specific shelter or animal who is in need, volunteering at a local shelter is a labor of love that goes a long way.


Thousands of people across the country a working to help animals find new homes that are safe and nurturing. Not much, if any, funding goes towards the shelters that are located in almost each city so animal shelter volunteering something that these places rely upon to keep going. It’s not just about care of the animals but also about spreading the word about what it means to be a responsible and caring pet owner as well as how to care for and protect an animal.


While animal shelter volunteering may not bring home a paycheck, volunteers get paid in plenty of animal kisses and snuggles. Keep in mind that these animals don’t have a warm and cozy home to live in and their lack of owner can sometimes take its toll. Many of the animals that are located in shelters crave companionship, playtime and interaction. The more volunteers that a shelter has the more interaction an animal will receive and this works for not only the animals but for the shelter as well.


Volunteering at an animal shelter usually requires a person to do a number of different jobs. If a shelter has someone available to them they might have them complete a number of different tasks throughout the day. Dogs aren’t the only animals in the shelter that may need attention. A volunteer may be required to spend some time with the cats that are confined to cages otherwise as well as other animals that may be at the shelter including rabbits, birds, guinea pigs, etc. Some shelters even ask for volunteers to foster animals in their home to provide extra space in their facility and to ensure an animal is receiving proper care.


Animal shelter volunteering is a rewarding opportunity that not only benefits the animals involved but also the volunteer themselves and the shelter. Volunteers are what help keep a shelter going and this is what helps so many animals find new homes each year.

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