What is Canine Insurance?

September 23, 2013

Owning a dog is a wonderful thing. They’re a source of unconditional love, protection, and have an uncanny ability to make us feel better about ourselves. We strive to be the kind of person our dogs see when they look up at us.

Owning a dog also carries some degree of risk. No matter how gentle your dog might be in most circumstances, there’s always a chance that they could bite someone, and that single bite can trigger all sorts of lawsuits and could cause you to lose everything. Canine insurance also known as dog bite insurance helps protect you and your dog.

Not Health Insurance

When most people here the words canine insurance, they think it’s a type of insurance that will help cover the cost of vet bills should the dog get hurt. While dog owners do have the option to purchase health insurance for their pet, there’s another kind of canine insurance they should consider. This type protects them if their dog does bite someone.

Who Should Have Canine Insurance

The most obvious answer to the question, who should have canine insurance is anyone with a dog that has aggressive tendencies, or has any type of history of biting. Some home owner’s insurance companies have a clause that states they won’t insure a house if certain breeds of dogs live there and don’t have separate insurance that kicks in if the dog bites someone. These breeds generally include chows, labs, pit bulls, and Dalmatians.

Even if you have a dog that seems to love everyone and isn’t a member of a high bite risk breed, if you live in a situation where the animal is constantly surrounded by people, you should consider getting insurance, every dog has a point where it feels cornered or has been pushed to far which can make them bite. If your animal ever reaches this point, you will be glad you purchased the insurance policy.

Most dog owners who opt to get liability insurance for their dog decide to purchase an umbrella policy.

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