Animal Shelter Dogs Make Great Family Additions!

September 17, 2013

If you are looking for a new addition to your family in the form of a pet, you should definitely consider adopting one of the many animal shelter dogs that are looking for a home.  These dogs can often make the most loyal and loving pets you will ever experience, as if they know that they were once abandoned for some reason and are simply seeking someone to show them the love and affection they are yearning for.

Many animal shelter dogs are a mix of breeds ranging from Alaskan huskies to Yorkshire terriers.  They are not always strays – many dogs find their way into the caring hands of an animal shelter because their previous family simply could not care for them properly, or had to move to a home where they could not keep a pet.  In some unfortunate cases, however, they are abandoned or neglected and are taken from abusive homes to await adoption by someone that will give them the lifetime of companionship and love they desperately want.

A dog from an animal shelter really is a great family addition, because they will love you unconditionally for as long as you’ll let them.  Most of them are already mature and have been socialized with people, so they do have manners!  Quite a few of them also understand basic commands, and all of them are ready to go to a new home.  Adopt a shelter dog today and give at least one animal a chance at a happy and long life with a new and loving family.

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