Make the Most out of Off Site Adoption Events

September 5, 2013

Off-site adoptions are a great way for your shelter to increase adoption rates, visibility and support for your animal shelter. Many local businesses and specialty pet retailers nationwide, such as PetSmart and Petco, partner with animal shelters and rescue organizations to run adoption programs. Pets looking for good homes stay in the store and are cared for until they are ready to be adopted. Placing animals in a high volume retail location greatly increases the chance that they are adopted into good homes. Many people who would otherwise not visit their local animal shelter are exposed to animals needing adoption. This is extremely beneficial to animal shelters facing overcrowding issues as it provides additional housing for animals, while simultaneously increasing the rate of adoption. Typically, such an arrangement does not require your shelter to provide any additional staffing on-site as most businesses are happy to care for your animals and handle off-site adoptions.


Additionally, the high number of people visiting these stores will have the opportunity to learn more about your shelter and your activities within the community. Some may even wish to volunteer their time or donate money to your organization. Provide pamphlets or flyers at these events to update the public on the work your shelter does and demonstrate why you need their support. This provides the dual benefit of matching needy animals with caring people and increasing awareness of your shelter’s needs and activities. Some stores and businesses may be willing to partner with your shelter on larger events such as adoption drives or a weekly adoption event. Sponsoring these events brings more customers into the store, while providing your shelter with even more visibility and chances for adoption.


Partnering with local businesses or major retailers for off-site adoptions can be a boon for your shelter or rescue organization. These mutually beneficial arrangements allow your shelter to increase adoption rates, reduce overcrowding and increase visibility and awareness while bringing in more customers to your host’s business.

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