How to Make Your Website Standout

September 5, 2013

Are you in charge of managing your animal rescue shelter or animal welfare website? If so, you are likely using this website to provide useful information on how to help rescue animals, bring them to a shelter, take care of rescued animals, and maybe even donate to the cause.  If the website is unattractive, hard to read, or unorganized people will likely not have their interest held long enough to obtain any useful information.

Keep it short
When trying to find information on a topic; people are searching for a quick answer most of the time.  Compose content in the shortest way possible.  Bullet points and short paragraphs are not anywhere near as intimidating as a giant block of text is.

Keep it simple
The layout of a website is very important when trying to attract and keep a visitor’s attention.  If a website is hard to navigate, users may attempt just finding another website that is easier to understand and access. Using a familiar format will help users navigate your site. The following are all great ways to help users:
-Well-labeled tabs
-A search bar
-Links to social media sites
-Contact information at the bottom of the page
-Minimal colors and font sizes

Keep it accurate and up-to-date
If there’s one thing website users dislike, it’s outdated information.  It can be very frustrating, especially when people are taking the time to donate to a non-profit organization.  Make sure that all information is updated often, and that all the information on the website is accurate.

These suggestions can make your website stand out, and make your website more useful to both you (to boost functionality and activity of your animal rescue shelter or welfare organization) and users (who want to help your organization).

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