How Can I Do Marketing with No Budget?

September 3, 2013

Like any small business, an animal rescue shelter is faced with the difficulty of figuring out how to market while still sticking to its figures. The difference? While small businesses are certainly on a budget that’s required to make things run smoothly, an animal rescue shelter is working with a far smaller budget (and sometimes, a far greater need for attention).

While the Internet can seem like an overwhelming stage on which to perform your marketing show, the reality is that once you embrace it, you’re embracing some great marketing that you can do on a zero dollar budget! Freeing your mind can mean freeing your wallet, and you’ll probably come out on the other side with some great new publicity!

Here are some tips to help you get your animal rescue shelter up and running your marketing campaign on a shoestring budget:

  • Facebook. Maybe it sounds simple, or maybe it sounds overwhelming. In either case, you should find it essential. Much of the world lives on Facebook, and the thing that makes this great for your organization is that this is free marketing! Create a page, have your already-loyal fans “like” you, and post, post, post! Create a welcoming space that invites supporters to post pictures of their adopted pets or ask questions about how to handle their recently adopted pets. Make sure you monitor the site, and interact with your visitors!
  • Twitter. This is another must-do social media concept. With thousands of Twitter followers just waiting to Tweet about your organization, this is the new word-of-mouth concept that you can’t afford to miss out on!
  • Yelp! The oldest marketing trick in the book is word-of-mouth. When you do great work in your community, let the community do a little marketing for you by bragging about how much they love you. Some people think that Yelp! is simply a forum to rate great restaurants, but this is quite the contrary. Yelp! is a forum where your community can brag about you and tell everyone else about the great work you’re doing!

While navigating the “no budget” budget can seem overwhelming, if you give it a little time and effort, the community is here to do some amazing marketing for you. Let the people that love your work do a little work for you, and embrace the age of Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp! Your animals will thank you for it!

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