National Animal Shelter Week Can help YOU

September 1, 2013

National Animal Shelter Week is one of the biggest events designed to help shelter animals find the homes they need. Shelter directors, staff and volunteers are tireless in helping to find the right homes for animals under their care. This annual observance is a great way to say thanks for those who give so much of time and effort to help save these animals.

While most people are aware of shelters in their community, they might not automatically think of adopting an animal from one when they’re looking for a new pet. An annual event that recognizes shelters and their efforts is a great way to increase awareness of animals in shelters that need homes. Once a person has adopted a pet from a shelter, they are likely to continue doing so in the future.

National Animal Shelter Week occurs from November 7th through 13th each year. During this time, many people are getting ready for the holiday season and might be thinking of adding a new member to their family. This is a perfect time for people who love pets to think of getting a new pet or seeing what they can do to help out pets in shelters.

There are several ways that shelters can help get the word out about this event. Try to schedule adoption events at local pet stores, parks and other locations with a lot of high traffic to coincide with the event. This is a great way to increase awareness of your shelter or rescue group in the local community.

Use your Facebook or other social media profiles to get the word out about National Animal Shelter Week. This is one of the most effective ways to reach people about your shelter’s activities and events. If you have access to a tech-savvy volunteer with the right skills, consider making a video that can be posted and shared online.

Don’t forget about the importance of reaching out to those without Internet access. Contact a local newspaper reporter about running a new story on this event that features your shelter. Some local TV or radio stations may be willing to run a free PSA about this event. If you’re lucky, someone from your staff may be able to give an interview.

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