Getting Insurance for your Animal Rescue

August 22, 2013

Getting Insurance for your Animal Rescue

Animal rescue organizations have a number of special concerns when it comes to ensuring the health and welfare of the animals that they care for.  Foremost among these are the costs of addressing injuries and illnesses, not to mention the need for preventative care and bite protection.  These things are all vital for the safety and well-being of small puppies that have been displaced or are otherwise in need of good homes.  Fortunately, you can secure animal insurance for your rescue organization that is offered by a knowledgeable and experienced provider.  A good insurer will have a comprehensive understanding of the unique challenges that exist in these environments, including those that lie beyond mere financial considerations.

Why You Should Get Liability Insurance

Purchasing animal insurance is vital for a number of reasons.  This coverage makes essential forms of care more accessible.  Rescued pets have a much greater chance of surviving severe injuries and illnesses, given the dramatic rise in innovative medical procedures and treatments.  Whether the goal is to promote increased survival rates or to ensure that animals are desirable candidates for adoption, access to care is nothing short of essential.

In terms of hosting fundraising events for your animal shelter, animal insurance is legally necessary.  Dog bite insurance is vital for avoiding a lot of expensive legal liability issues and for preserving the reputation of your organization.  The best companies will give you a rapid turnaround on insurance certificates and will even make sure that you have bound a plan that features the required limits and which affords you and your canine friends with optimal protection.

Searching For The Right Provider

When it comes to owning and operating an animal rescue shelter, the primary insurance concerns revolve around how to buy the right type of cover.  Those insurance companies that specialize in the provision of coverage for private parties rarely possess an in-depth understanding of the specific needs of animal welfare groups.  Coverage for these entities is guaranteed to be quite different from that of breeders or private homes with pets.  With little experience in shopping for this coverage, it is necessary for these groups to work with companies that will carefully explain the available coverage terms and features while ensuring that all bases are effectively covered.

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