How can Shelters Promote national Dog Day

August 21, 2013

August 26th is National Dog Day. This would be an excellent day for dog owners to celebrate their beloved pets, and for other families to consider adopting. That means shelters everywhere have the opportunity to find forever homes for the many dogs that inhabit them. These shelters have a golden opportunity to increase their adoption rates, but some may not know where to begin. Here are some ideas to make national dog day a success for any shelter.

1. Promote Online.
Nearly everyone is connected to the internet these days, and many of these people frequent social media sites. Causes that promote animals are nearly universally popular, and will receive many likes on Facebook, and followers on Twitter. Once your shelter has received a fair share of followers, it is due time to highlight some exceptional dogs that you have at the shelter. Some may be smart, or cute, but make sure to highlight their qualities. This will raise people’s interest in adopting these animals. When national dog day grows closer, make sure to remind people a week or two before the big day so they retain interest.

2. Highlight The Greatness Of Dogs.
Dogs are great animals, and that is why they have a day dedicated to them. Talking about their finer qualities is a good way to get people on board with adoption. Dogs can make great companions. They can be both loyal and obedient. Highlighting some positive factors of dogs is sure to sway some people into giving some of your shelter dogs a forever home.

3. Outline The Benefits Of Dog Ownership.
Owning a dog is a great way to lower blood pressure, and keep in shape. It’s also an excellent way to teach children responsibility. For single guys, it can be an ice breaker when talking to women. There are many great reasons to own a dog, and the reasons are different from person to person. Pointing out the positive qualities of dog ownership is a good selling point, and will be sure to find you dogs a forever home.

National dog day exists because dogs are fantastic. They are loving, loyal, and a member of the family. Some families do not know the joy of dog ownership, and sadly, there are many dogs without a loving family. This trend can be bucked with some clever marketing. There is no better time to adopt a dog than national dog day.


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