Locating Holiday Volunteer Opportunities

August 14, 2013

Pet owners and animal lovers often want to learn more about volunteering at an animal shelter, but don’t know where to start.  Knowing how to find organizations in need will help you find the perfect volunteering opportunity for the holidays.

Before you find the right place to volunteer, it’s important to know what type of volunteer opportunity you’re looking for.  Shelter needs can range from office work to fostering pets; know how you want to contribute is important.  Shelters may have different types of volunteer openings at different times, if your desired opportunity isn’t available initially, ask what type of opportunities are available. You may find that your skills can help in other roles.

Other things to consider when looking for the right opportunity for volunteering at an animal shelter include location and hours of operation.  The shelter you choose should work into your current lifestyle.

Opportunities for volunteer work at an animal shelter may be found at your local human society, animal rescue and local animal shelters.  Larger organizations may have volunteer opportunities listed on their websites.  The fastest way to learn what volunteer opportunities are currently available is to pick up the phone and call.  Additionally, your pet store, veterinarian and groomer may also know of smaller, lesser known organizations that are in need of volunteers.

When volunteering at an animal shelter, it’s important to find someplace that fits your needs and skills.  Doing so will ensure your volunteer experience is beneficial to both you and the animals you’re working to help.


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