What Should You Do When You Have a Claim?

August 5, 2013

Insurance for animal rescues is imperative for organizations that want to cover their bases in case of an accident that causes damage to one of their customers or staff members. A properly filed insurance claim will expedite the process of getting compensated by the animal insurance policy that you have taken out. If you have insurance for animal rescues and are looking to file a claim, follow these important steps:

Gather All Relevant Details

When filing a claim, you will need to have all of the right information about what happened. Be sure to talk to as many witnesses as you can so you get all of the facts. Also include details about the date, time, and circumstances surrounding the incident. If it involved a particular animal, collect relevant background information about that specific animal in case your insurance provider needs it.

Act Quickly

File your claim as soon as possible after your incident so that you can get compensated immediately. If your claim involves a dog bite or injury that was sustained by a customer, you may also be facing legal repercussions. Ensure that you do not wait around on filing your claim so that everyone involved sees that you are doing your due diligence to resolve the matter, which can earn you good favor in the event that you have to go to court. Also, the faster you file your claim, the faster you will get access to insurance funds.

Capitalize On Technology

Check your computer databases for information about people and animals that were involved in the incident. If you have video surveillance in place, review the footage from the time that the incident occurred. You can also use digital forms to expedite the process of filling out the claim itself, instead of waiting for it to be sent through the post.

Have The Right Insurer

Arguably the most important step for excellent insurance for animal rescues is having a quality organization providing you with insurance.

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