Increase Adoptions Using Online Directories

July 17, 2013

Are you having difficulty finding homes for the furry friends in your animal adoption facility?  If so, there is an easy and helpful way that you could increase the exposure of the animals you have available for adoption.  If you work or volunteer in the animal shelter industry, chances are that you have a love for animals and would adopt them all if you could.  Although it may not be feasible to keep all of the pets for yourself, use pet adoption directories online to help increase adoptions.

Petfinder– is an easy to use directory that allows you to simply go to the website, type in what breed, the age, the sex, and the location of the pet that you want.  With over 360,000 pets available now, animal lovers are sure to find what they are looking for.– This organization has been helping find pets homes since 2003.  Do a quick search on their website with your preferences to find the pet that is right for you. This directory is compiled of animals found in shelters and rescues nationwide.

Adopt a Pet– Visit to search for not only cats and dogs, but other animals as well.  This website makes it easy to find the right pet for you.

Let everyone know that choosing to adopt a pet can help to save lives.  These directories make it easier than ever before to find the right furry friends

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