Develop a 6 Month Fundraising Plan in 3 Days

July 16, 2013

Your animal shelter provides an invaluable service not only to the animals you rescue, but the communities in which you reside. Often operating on a limited budget and depending on volunteers and donations to get by can put a strain on your resources and limit the amount of service you can provide. A fundraiser provides you with an excellent opportunity to gain not only an infusion of cash but awareness and support within your community. Planning such an event is a daunting task, but by knowing your audience and playing to your strengths your fundraising efforts can be wildly successful.

Begin your fundraising efforts by first identifying your needs. Make a list of what items or programs most need funding and list them by priority. Not only will this give you a clear indication of your own goals, but it can also serve to educate the public on why you need their support. Once this is complete, it is time to start working on your plan to raise the money you require. A long term fundraiser can take many forms. You may choose to host several awareness events such as: adoption drives, obedience classes, or dog walking events in local parks. Alternatively, you may choose to reach out to local businesses and partner with them for long term fundraising. You may even choose to do a mixture of several approaches depending on your needs. Try coming up with a list of frequent donors or volunteers. People that you have relied on in the past are typically eager to help with future fundraisers. Additionally, these people may also have contacts with the local government or businesses that would be willing to help with your fundraising efforts. The last thing you need to consider is how you will promote awareness of your fundraiser. Refer to the list of priorities you made earlier. Contact your local news media and ask them if they would be willing to run a story on your shelter. Play up your most urgent needs and show the public why you are asking for help.

Fundraising is always an uncertain and stressful task. However, the proper planning relieves much of the burden and allows you to focus on the important issues. Be sure to articulate your needs, ask your supporters for assistance and get the word out to the public.

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