Prepare Your Volunteers for Off-Site Adoptions

July 15, 2013

Off-site adoptions most of the time are used by various animal shelters and rescue facilities to increase homeless adoptions of pets.  Most animal lovers are not very keen on going to animal shelters so having an off-site adoption is a great way to reach more people.  These types of adoptions do require more planning and a bit more effort but they are well worth it in the end.  There are a few tips that you need to tell your volunteers so that the off-site adoptions will go off without a hitch.

Be certain that your volunteers know what they are supposed to do.  While this may sound a bit obvious, it will save time and chaos down the road.  Be certain that everyone knows their tasks beforehand.

Let all of the volunteers know how to arrange the crates and cages so that most of the people will be able to see each pet.  The best way to do this is to put the puppies and kittens towards the back.  These are the ones that usually get adopted out first before older dogs and cats.

Assign a few volunteers to be in charge of keeping the cages clean and also making sure that the pets have fresh water bowls.  Clean cages and happy pets are much more appealing to pick up and play with.

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