The Good and the Bad of Dog Bites

May 23, 2013

Dog bite claims are on the decline which means that responsible owners like you are taking the precautions necessary in order to minimize bites. Some of these precautions include training your animals either in your home or by attending obediance classes. It is also important to socialize a dog especially at a young age in order to be comfortable around people of all ages and backgrounds.

However, claims cost – the money paid out to a victim for medical costs and settlements – is rising per dog bite. Which means if you aren’t insured, you may have to pay that money out of pocket. And it doesn’t matter if you win the case/claim or not. It’s still a costly experience.

We all want to believe that our pets aren’t going to harm a person or their property. However, dogs can bite for various reasons, especially if they are scared. This can happen if someone they don’t know attempts to take their food or water or invade their territory. It can also happen if someone doesn’t see the dog and steps on them accidently. Dogs also tend to be more reactive when they aren’t feeling well.

It’s hard to foresee what may happen to your pet or with your pet’s behavior. The best thing you can do is to be prepared in case the worst does happen and lessen any potential financial burdens on yourself. Those at AWOIP are prepared to help you with the Pet Protection Pak. Check out their website for more information on first steps to take and a 5-minute application for a quote.

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