Starting a Pet Rescue Center

May 21, 2013

There days especially during economic hard times, more and more animals are turned out from their homes to fend for themselves. This often results in suffering, starvation and ultimately death. Rescue shelters are becoming stretched to capacity and animals are being turned away at the door. These animals could be saved if there were more animal rescue shelters.

Starting an animal rescue shelter

If you are a concerned animal lover you may be tempted to start an animal rescue shelter. You’ll find there are grants available for animal shelters. Before you get started on your new animal shelter you’ll need to make an assessment of need for animal welfare in your neighborhood. You’ll need to evaluate the benefit to your community of a new animal rescue shelter. For example, are there already rescue centers in your neighborhood and do they meet the existing and future need?

Evaluate the Need for an animal shelter

Having identified the need for a new animal rescue shelter, the next step is to work on establishing a shelter. It will greatly assist your cause if you have connections with other animal shelters and organizations in your area. This will make it easier to get the help and support you may need in the early stages of setting up a shelter.

Gain experience

It takes time to gain the necessary experience in running a shelter. It might be best to start out as a volunteer at a suitable animal shelter. Go to seminars, presentations and conferences. Network as much as you can, when you can.

Make a plan

Make a broad plan and put it to print. This will assist you in keeping to your goals and objectives. In order to get whatever grants are available, you’ll need to be well organized with an ‘article of incorporation’ and mission statement. There will be other necessary documents for tax exemption etc.

Fund raise

Money attracts money, begin by fund raising. The more funds you have the more credible your animal rescue shelter will be. If the organization looks and operates efficiently it will attract more grants than an amateur looking shelter. Once you’re up and running you can seek out government grants, and grants from private foundations.  Your efforts at networking may ultimately open doors to different grants and funds that are available in your neighborhood.

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