What Kind of Dogs Can You Find at a Dog Rescue Shelter?

May 14, 2013

The typical animal rescue shelter is a smorgasbord where dogs are concerned.  Breeds run the gamut from your basic Heinz-57 variety to purebreds that might cost you thousands of dollars from a breeder.
You can find every breed from the smallest Chihuahua to a Great Dane, and every breed in between. With the ever-changing residents, you may not find a particular breed one day and then find several the next. There are dogs that fit every lifestyle.

The way dogs arrive at an animal rescue shelter accounts for this variety. Some dogs may have been homeless their entire lives and others may have led pampered lives and ended up there because their former guardians moved or died. The one consistent fact is that all have been tested for temperament and are considered friendly and adoptable. Some may be shy and others overly-friendly, but all will flourish in the right home environment.

You may come across an animal rescue shelter that is specific to one breed, such as Beagle or German shepherd, but these are not the majority.  The majority have only one requirement for a dog to be included among the residents; they have no other place to call home.  Some will be able to live harmoniously with cats and others will need to be an only pet.  You will find puppies just weaned from their mother and elderly dogs looking for a comfortable place to live out their last years.

There is one other consistency in the dogs you will find at an animal rescue shelter.  No matter what size, breed or age they are all ready and willing to give you complete love and devotion.

One Response to “What Kind of Dogs Can You Find at a Dog Rescue Shelter?”

  1. Ruby Says:

    I wanted to hank you for this good read!! I defginitely love everfy bit of it.
    Ihave you bookmarked to look at nnew thiings you post…

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