Animal Shelter Security: What Do You Need?

May 8, 2013

While it may seem like an unlikely place that security is needed, an animal shelter can fall victim for vandals or burglars. They may be after cash, or anything they can turn into cash which can include medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, and even some of the animals themselves.

Obviously, you probably cannot control where your animal shelter is located. Some, unfortunately, may be in not such great locations, due to city or county ordinances for housing the volume of animals. However, this does not mean the facility cannot be protected and secured. In some circumstances, there may be 24-hour staff coverage and they need to feel and be safe as well. The best prevention is through a variety of security items.

Security cameras placed strategically throughout the facility will not only capture any potential problems, but can also be a distraction as they may stop potential criminals simply because of their presence. They should be placed in the main office, kenneling areas and the parking lot. You may or may not want a live feed, but should definitely have recordings that can be kept for whatever length of time your feel important. That could be a week or month.

An alarm system is an obvious asset with a keypad or using key cards for a few specific responsible employees. This would be set up to include all outer doors of the animal shelter.

Good lighting is always useful, especially in parking lots and the exterior perimeter of the facility. Good fencing may seem to be a given, but you should not only consider containment of the critters, but also keeping unwanted people out.

Good security makes for a safe environment for animals, staff and potential adopters as well. Since most shelters run on a shoestring budget, it is important to get the most for your money. It can also help cut costs in the long run, with considerations taken through your insurance plan when security measures are in place.

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