Does a Business Insurance Policy cover Wildlife Rescue?

April 29, 2013

Does a business insurance policy cover wildlife rescue? The short answer is yes business liability insurances can cover wildlife rescue, you will need to check your policy as insurance cover varies. Policies may only give limited cover in limited situations. It is more common these days for organizations to seek out specialist wildlife rescue insurance cover to specifically cover wildlife rescue organizations and its volunteers and employees.


Summary of a typical insurance

A typical wildlife rescue insurance policy will cover any employee engaged in animal rescue on behalf the organization who holds the policy. The employee has a responsibility to act and behave in a responsible manner and take all due care.

Wildlife and rescue insurance will take into account, and in most cases, cover a member of the public who is asked by the insured to assist in the rescue of an animal. In this instance, the member of the public would be classified as one of the organizations volunteers, and therefore covered by the wildlife and rescue policy. Indeed anyone who helps your organization for a specific event will be classified as a volunteer and covered by the policy.


Common provisions

Members of the public who transport animals to a veterinarian are covered by the policy. A licensed care giver is covered by the policy. A marksman is covered by the policy providing that the marksman has a firearms license and a registered weapon. Only suitably qualified persons are covered by the policy to rescue snakes. Only persons vaccinated against lyssavirus can handle bats and be protected by wildlife rescue insurance policy. Health and safety regulations must be adhered to in relation to rescuers and the animals being rescued.

The above is only an example of what wildlife rescue insurance might cover and policies will vary from one company to another.

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