Where should you find Volunteers for Your Animal Shelters?

April 24, 2013


Choosing a volunteer for animal shelters is very important. Many simply don’t realize the vitally important role that groups of caring, dedicated volunteers play in advocating for shelter animals. Good candidates will give the tasks associated with volunteering at a shelter their full attention and work to make things better for the animals they are in charge of. Finding the right volunteers is very important, because it takes the right attitude and a genuine sense of care to make a difference.

People who are willing to donate their time to helping shelter animals are found in many different settings. Many existing pet owners are more than willing to spend some time making a difference for animals in a shelter. Local veterinary hospitals, groomers and boarding kennels may be a good way to reach caring pet owners who might be interested.

Local breed clubs and groups that organize dog events may also be a good resource. Most of them publish their own newsletters or magazines that are supported partially by advertising. If your shelter receives large numbers of certain breeds or types, a breed club member may be able to play a major role in reaching out to potential adoptive families.

Many college students are enthusiastic about volunteering in a shelter. This is especially true of students who need an activity over the summer or who want extra credit for college. Advertising in student papers or on job sites that are geared towards students will help reach capable volunteers.

Don’t forget about the importance of advertising online. Announce that you’re looking for a volunteer for animal shelters on your website, as well as your shelter’s social media pages. Online classified ad sites are also beneficial, as well as job sites that post volunteer opportunities. An advantage of finding volunteers online is that you’re likely to find tech-savvy candidates who will be able to help your outreach efforts.

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