5 Summer Fundraisers

April 23, 2013

Summer is the perfect time to get everyone out in the sunshine to help homeless pets and enjoy time outside. A pet fundraiser should not only be about raising money, but about having fun! You can get the community involved by hosting exciting events for every age and gender.

Sponsor a Walk for Pets
Sponsor a walk for pets in need of a home. You can show off the pets, get some exercise and raise money all in one bang. You can ask local businesses to post flyers about the walk and tell people how to get involved. Use volunteers to lead the walk and get everyone involved in the fun.

Hold Classes for Conduct
Pet owners love to enroll their animals in classes to improve their way of life. Conduct classes can include training, photography and other fun activities. Volunteers can lead the classes so you don’t spend money on hiring anyone. Instead of paying a certain fee, those coming to the classes can give donations instead. Bring homeless pets to the events to get them more face time and show off their great conduct. Pets learn new tricks; homeless pets get more donations and everyone wins!

Team Up
Team up with local events like parades and Farmer’s Markets. You can set up an area at events to connect with the crowd. Bring out the pets and ask for donations. You can even sell items to pet owners for donations. Many people of all ages come to parades and Farmer’s Markets because there is entertainment and an array of things to purchase. The pets will have fun and meet some new faces as the donations roll in.

Have A Cook off
Host a cook off for donations for the pets. People of all ages love food. You can grill burgers, taste chili or judge the best pies to tickle the taste buds. Bring the pets to the event and let them roam around with the food judges to get exposure and enjoy a day in the sunshine.

Garage Sale Time
Get many volunteers involved by hosting a garage sale fundraiser. Everyone has things they just don’t need or want anymore. This junk to you will be treasure for someone else. Items will fly off the shelves as you smile and the pets get all the glory. Kick back and love on the animals as people scour for their new treasure.

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