Tips to Avoid Dog Bites

April 22, 2013

Like any animal, even humans, dogs naturally have an instinct to defend themselves from attackers. It can be just looking like a threat, barking, or even biting. However, a dog bite is completely avoidable if you know how to go about it.

  • Never pet a strange dog without their owner saying it is okay. You never know if that dog is violent or nervous, and either one could end in a painful dog bite.
  • Avoid dogs that are tied up or running around. Dogs can be very territorial and if they think you’re invading their space, they will defend themselves.
  • That said, never turn and run from a dog when it’s about to attack. Back away slowly, facing the dog.
  • Be gentle when you’re playing. While rough play might be fun on occasion, it’s important to remember that when dogs play rough, they bite, scratch and pounce.
  • Teach kids how to act around dogs.  Kids, especially young kids, may not necessarily know that dogs don’t like to play all the time. And when a dog feels like they’re being harassed, they will lash out.
  • Watch out if you’re moving an injured dog. An injured dog doesn’t know that you have good intentions and want to help them. For all a dog knows, you’re moving your hand to hurt them further.
  • Don’t wake the dog up. Think of how annoyed you are if someone interrupts your sleep. Also leave them alone if they’re eating or taking care of their puppies.
  • Be careful around fighting dogs. In fact, the less you physically touch them, the better. Spray them with a hose or even some kind of breath spray (dogs hate it, and its non-toxic). If you absolutely HAVE to physically separate them, get the dogs by the hind legs, and get one inside a room, or a car, or even a fenced yard.
  • Keep your dogs shots up to date. A dog with rabies is aggressive no matter what.
  • Socialize your dog as early as possible. The simplest way to avoid a dog bite is to make them comfortable around people and other dogs. And if it’s not a comfortable situation for your dog, keep them out of it.

While anyone with a dog will inevitably be bitten at least once, it’s fairly easy to make it happen as little as possible, and keep your friends and family safe.

One Response to “Tips to Avoid Dog Bites”

  1. Marcela Says:

    Great post and excellent information for all of us, pet parents:) Thanks.

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