5 More Summertime Fundraisers

April 16, 2013

 5 More Summertime Fundraisers


There are a number of ways to help raise money for your animal shelter, including summer time fundraisers. Here are five fundraiser ideas to get people outside and raising money.


Sponsor a 5K

While it will be work, setting up a 5K event will help to get people’s attention. You can make it a dog friendly event to help emphasize the purpose of the event. For a fee, participants will be able to get some exercise while earning money for the shelter. If you make it an annual event, it is likely to gain in popularity and grow every year.


Hold a Silent Auction

This one will require you to first gain donations from local businesses or sponsors, but it will be more of an investment of time than money. You can add a meal or snacks to the event to make it last a little longer, giving participants a little more time to increase their bids. Holding the auction outside is ideal so that people can bring their pets to mingle as they browse.


Torture the Boss

Create a short list of “tortures” for the shelter owner (or a willing substitute), like dying the boss’s hair or cleaning after the animals for a day. Then anyone who pays a set amount will be allowed to vote on what type of torture they would like to see. This is an easy way to do fundraising with minimal cost, except to the boss. Once the votes are tallied, the crowd watches as the boss gets a shaved head or begins painting the shelter. Coupled with a 5K, this could help attract a larger crowd.


Setup a Garage Sale

Ask for donations of gently used clothes, bikes, furniture, books, or whatever people are willing to donate, and then hold a garage sale. If you have the time to invest in a garage sale, it is probably one of the easiest ways to maximize the returns on your fundraiser.


Create an Obstacle Course

Much like the 5K, you can create an obstacle course. Participants can raise money from their sponsors to join the event. This is an excellent way to get outside and get dirty, but it will require some time to consider safety, as well as money to create the course. You will probably need waivers for the participants.


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