How to Save Money on Energy Costs

April 9, 2013

It is no surprise that energy costs a lot of money .One of the critical areas that tend to consume a lot of energy are animal shelters. It is estimated that shelters for animal, make up a high percentage of your monthly   energy costs.  Here are some of the major strategies of hoe you can save money on energy costs.

Use energy efficient light bulbs

One of the fastest ways to save money on energy consumption is by replacing incandescent lights with energy efficient compact fluorescent. Using the compact fluorescent allows you to save about two thirds of your total energy compared to the normal incandescent bulbs. For your  animal  residence consider installing  automatic  timers that will a  turn off the lights automatically after a  given  amount of time just  in case you forge to turn them off.

Seal and insulate.

Having a well insulated animal house will allow you to spend less money on heating and cooling. Take time to look if your attic is unfinished. If you can see them, consider adding more insulation to help reduce energy loss. Do not forget to   fill in and seal any holes in your exterior walls such as holes where   pipes penetrate the house.

Keep your filters clean

Keeping your filters will also help you save your money by cutting your monthly energy costs. Consider changing those filters on a regular basis. Manufacturers will advice you to do it quarterly, half or every month.  This will help to keep the unit operating at high efficiency therefore consuming less energy.  Always empty your lint filters on your regular dryer after every use.

Keep the doors closed.

Animal such as chicken require keeping warm at night.  Does not waste energy by keeping the door open even at the late hours of the night? Closing the doors early will allow you to retain some heat that had probably gained during the hot or making the house to heat up faster. Make sure open windows are shut. All   these little efforts will help you conserve energy by reducing heat loss.

Make use of your surrounding

Having tree strategically located will help you to cut down heating and cooling costs. Positioning large deciduous trees  can help reduce  cooling cost  up to  25%. Since these  trees  lose their leaves they allow the  sun  to  warm your animal shelters while still keeping the air cool.

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