How to Avoid Sunburn for Your Pets

April 4, 2013

A lot of people probably think that sunburn only happens in humans, but knowing how to avoid sunburn for your pets is important too. If you plan to have your animals outside this summer, especially in a yard with a lot of natural sunlight, sun protection for your animals is an absolute must!  Like people, animals can also get sunburn, but more importantly, they can also develop certain types of sun cancer and skin cancer as well as skin conditions and skin ulcerations which can be really uncomfortable for your pets.   Certain types of dogs need a certain amount of protection from the sun if you are going to allow them to spend a significant amount of time outdoors – whether in a yard or some other fenced in area or even on dog walks and in dog parks.


– If at all possible, it’s important that you try to keep your animals indoors during peak hours when the sun is its hottest.  This is usually between the hours of 10am to 3pm depending on where you live.  If you do let the pet outside during these hours, please also make sure that it’s not for an extended period.


– Consider purchasing dog sunscreen.  Yes, this does exist!  It’s very different from that of human sunscreen so make sure you specifically search for dog sunscreen.  Unlike the human counterpart, dog sunscreen is non-toxic and will not make your pet sick if it happens to lick at it.  Alternatively, you can use baby sunburn lotion on your dog as well.


– Provide a shady spot:  If you do have your animal in the yard, please make sure the pet has somewhere to “chill out” perhaps a doggy foundation, a dog house, a tree, etc.  Stores associated with pet products also offer a variety of pet products to help keep your pet nice and cool such as doggy sun umbrellas, visors which come in a variety of colors, styles and sizes, doggy sunglasses, cooling mats and more.


While these are all great preventive measures on how to avoid sunburn for your pets, you can find many more tips and tricks by simply asking your friends, family and neighbors how they deal with hot weather and keeping their pets safe too.  Ask around, you would be surprised the measures animal lovers take to keep their fluffy friends safe and healthy!


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