Earthquake Safety: How to prepare your shelter & animals

April 2, 2013

The SPCA animal shelter has some earthquake safety tips for you and your pets. One of the most overlooked preparations is to acquire a secondary location for temporary shelter for all of your animals. Local and National disaster relief organizations don’t always take in pets. If finding a secondary location is not an option be sure to use rescue alert stickers for all of your animals. In doing so, rescuers will be more informed and this can aid in any rescue attempts. It is a good idea to have all animals microchipped. If they escape during a disaster and are picked up by animal control or brought into a shelter, the chip will help to bring the animal back to you. Dogs and cats should always have collars and tags. This is not only important for immediate identification but will also help in handling them in cases where evacuation is necessary. During evacuation, your animals should be secured at all times. One of the best things you can do to prepare for a devastating earthquake or natural disaster is to create a preparedness kit for you and all of your animals. The following is a list of items that should be in your kit.

Disaster Kits Should Contain The Following:

·         3 days of food and water for each animal and yourself. Depending on your scenario this may be difficult but I assure you that a 3 day supply is the MINIMUM amount you should have ready.

·         Backup copies of all medicine and veterinary records. These should be hard copies as digital copies maybe hard to access with power and internet service issues caused by the disaster.

·         Adequate Pet First Aid Kits specific to your animals.

·         Appropriate sized Crate / Pet carriers for each animal.

·         Disinfectants, paper towels and plastic bags for sanitation.

·         Pet Toys to keep the animals calm/distracted from the sudden changes occurring around them.

·         Blankets

·         Flashlights

The SPCA Animal Shelter hopes these simple tips will help you prepare for the next earthquake or natural disaster. Remember that disasters can strike at any moment and without warning. Being prepared for them is the only way to increase you and your animals’ chances of surviving.


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