ASPCA Equine Fund

March 28, 2013

If your non-profit group or organization is focused on the rescue or care of horses from any part of the horse world, you should check out the ASPCA Equine Fund.  The ASPCA Equine Fund raises money to support both humane rescue activities and also to assist a wide range of horse communities when disaster strikes.

In recent years, the ASPCA Equine Fund has awarded record setting levels of funding across the country, with over 1.6 million dollars in 2011 alone.  The fund continues to help programs like the “Million Dollar Rescuing Racers initiative”, saving retired racehorses from neglect and abuse; and the “Hay Bale-Out” program to make up for the severe hay shortages drought victims experience in areas like Texas and Oklahoma.

Your community can benefit from the ASPCA Equine Fund in several ways.  To help you and your community attain a high level of Equine best practices, you can access the fund for:

  • educational programs on horse care
  • disaster preparedness training
  • horse rehabilitation activities
  • financial support for low income horse owners
  • capital improvements to your facilities (upgrades to existing structures)
  • expansion of sanctuaries to enable more rescues
  • maintenance of websites related to your organization
  • fundraising activities and training

As you can see, the ASPCA Equine Fund is a positive force for the good of all our horse communities.  In addition to the above funding goals, the ASPCA is actively involved in lobbying for stronger laws to protect the Horses of the USA, and is continuing its fight against cruelty to horses with its ongoing Equine rescue operations.

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