10 Common Household Poisons

March 27, 2013

When you have a pet, you want to be sure you are giving it a safe environment in which to live. Sadly, many pets die every year due to exposure to common household items found around the home. Here are ten Pet Poison Prevention tips to make sure your pet lives a long and healthy life.

1. Plants – There are several plants that are poisonous to dog and cats and should be avoided if you have a pet. The worst are lilies which can cause kidney failure.

2. Chocolate – There are many human foods that can poison your pet but chocolate is one of the worst, especially for dogs. It can cause various side effects including cardiac arrest.

3. Medications – As with children, human prescription and non-prescription medicines should be kept out of the reach of your pets; they can chew through childproof caps.

4. Rat poison – It seems like common sense but you have to make sure your pet does not get into traps set for rats and other pests. Keep your pet out of the room where these traps are set.

5. Insecticides – Make sure your pet is not around if you have to spray a room with insecticide and keep the pet out for a few hours afterwards.

6. Household cleaners – Most of us keep cleaners and other household chemicals under the sink. Ensure that your pet can’t reach them and that they are properly closed.

7. Flea and tick treatments – If applied improperly these can kill your dog or cat. Always follow the instructions carefully.

8. Anti-freeze – This can kill both humans and animals very quickly if ingested. As with other chemicals, this and all other automotive products must be stored away from pets.

9. Paint – Paint and other household decorative items such as glue, must be stored where pets cannot reach them.

10. Fertilizers – If you spray your garden to help the grass grow, make sure you are using one that is safe for pets and humans. If you are not sure, keep the pet out of the garden for a few days.

It just takes a little pet-proofing of your home to keep everyone happy and safe. If you follow these Pet Poison Prevention tips you and your pet should be together for a long time.

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