Protect your Boards Personal Assets

March 26, 2013

Your Board of Directors gives leadership and guidance to your animal welfare organization.  In return, you can protect your directors and officers against the numerous lawsuits that are filed each year, through Directors & Officers insurance.  Even frivolous allegations can be devastating to your organization.  Such legal actions can extend beyond your organization’s assets, and reach out to the Director’s personal assets as well.

Directors & Officers Insurance, also known as D&O Insurance or ‘Board Insurance’, provides liability protection for actions of the Board, or for ‘failures to act’.  Such animal shelter insurance is available through the Animal Welfare Organization Insurance Program or AWOIP.

Risk management is key to any organization.  D&O insurance in one factor in the risk management puzzle.  You can talk to any of our specialists today about ways to reduce your risks and bring value to your risk management efforts.

The team at AWOIP specializes in animal shelter insurance. That’s all we do.  We know your business.  We understand the insurance needs that are unique to you.  We are also experts at obtaining the best insurance at the best prices.  Given our knowledge of shelters, rescues, humane societies, and SPCAs, combined with our expertise in the animal shelter insurance arena; there is no-one better than AWOIP for your D&O insurance needs.

Our staff is helpful, knowledgeable and courteous.  Call us now, or go to our website at  Let’s discuss your needs and see what insurance product works best for you.

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