Tracking Fundraising Success

March 25, 2013

How can a small non-profit organization track the success of its fundraising efforts? Whether you host a fundraising event or launch a campaign to solicit donations, there are four points that can be monitored along the way to gauge the success of your program.

1)  How involved is your team? From members of the Board of Directors to part-time volunteers, everyone in the organization should have an understanding of the importance of the fundraiser and everyone should have some part to play in it.

2)  Is your message clear and persuasive? The organization’s service to the community is the most important message to get across when fundraising. It helps to have a clearly recognizable logo, which appears on all fundraising material. A website is also essential in order to showcase the contribution of the organization within the community, and as a way to make donating easy—preferably by one click on a “donate now” button.

3)  Are your core supporters involved in the campaign? People who have donated in the past are already sold on the good work your organization accomplishes. They should be enlisted to spread the word and expand your target audience. Previous donors can also be asked for advice on ways to make your fundraiser successful. They may give you good suggestions you hadn’t thought of, and your core supporters will feel appreciated for their ideas as well as for their donations.

4)   Are goals being met? A fundraising campaign should begin with careful planning that includes dollar amounts or donations in kind that you hope to receive. This can be monitored throughout the duration of the fundraiser. If the amounts are on track, success will be yours; if donations are less than expected, you have time to make changes or extend the duration of the fundraiser.

And through it all, remember to smile! An optimistic outlook is the best way to ensure fundraising success.

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