5 Ways to Increase Attendance at Fundraisers

March 21, 2013

Holding a special event to support your animal welfare organization is a worthwhile undertaking. After all the effort you’ve put into it, you want to make sure people attend. A truly enjoyable event will make them want to come back for future events. Following are some tips to attract people to your event.

Advertise Intelligently
Post information about your special event in local publications that offer free or inexpensive advertising. Use a publication that reaches a wider area and that will increase the number of people that read about your event. Put flyers up in pet supply stores, grocery stores and even other area shelters, if they don’t mind. Visit dog parks and talk to people about what your organization does and have flyers on hand for everyone interested.

Offer Prizes
In the advertisements for your special event mention the prizes you’ll have available. Prizes do not have to be expensive or elaborate because once people read the words “free prizes” they’ll show up just to find out what they can get. Some ideal prizes at your event can be inexpensive toys that all dogs love like tennis balls and simple toys for cats like fabric puff balls.

Have Games and Activities
Create games to have at your event and make sure you put them in your advertisements. Games for adults can include animal trivia or non-wagered cards. To entice parents with children to come, offer face painting, beanbag tossing and crafting.

Get the Community Involved
Enlist members and businesses of the community to help you before or at your event.  Offer to advertise for any local businesses in exchange for them advertising your event. Ask community members if they’re willing to donate items that can be used as prizes.

Serve Food
People are happiest when they’re having fun and eating so make sure you advertise that both will be present at your special event. Ask volunteers to whip up some goodies for your event and set up appetizer and dessert tables that are adult and kid friendly. If you want to turn the event into a casual fund raiser you can also have a mini bake sale of some of the more delectable treats like pies and cakes.

Animal lovers are a special community unto themselves and they know how much having a pet enriches their lives. Make sure your special event honors the true spirit of pet ownership.

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