Poison Proof Your Home

March 20, 2013

Every homeowner is keen on the safety of their family and the same measures should extend to your pets as well. There is need is a need to poison proof your home in order to prevent any hazards from happening. Here are some pet poison prevention tips to help you avoid instances of pet poisoning.

While different pesticides and pet drugs can be helpful in combating diseases and ensuring your pets are healthy, such medical products may pose danger to your pets. It is therefore important that you read and follow the instructions that come with the drugs you purchase before administering them to the pet. Following label directions is important as it eliminates the risk of poisoning.

If you own a pet, you should take similar measures as those you would take for children. However, you cannot educate pets on the dangers of poisonous pesticides or pills. Keeping your household product and medicinal products in a locked cabinet is important. This also involves separating your pet food products from the medicinal ones. Keeping each product in their original containers is important to avoid any confusion when administering each to the pet.

Apart from ensuring safety in storing drugs, you should also be careful by maintaining a safe environment for your pets. This is one of the most important pet poison prevention tips. Whenever you spill any insecticides or poisonous liquids in your compound or garage, you should hose down the place because pets can lick such liquids and get poisoned.

You should also get rid of plants or flowers which may be poisonous when consumed by pets. Poison traps for mice or rats may be very dangerous if consumed by your dog or cats. Trimming the grass and bushes in your compound and draining stagnant water will go a long way in getting rid of snakes and frogs.

Another way of poison proofing your home is by learning the basics of poisoning and measures which can be taken where your pet has swallowed poisonous products. Knowing some of the symptoms which pets occasion when poisoned is also helpful. You may induce vomiting using 3% hydrogen peroxide but this should be directed by a pet doctor. It is also important to keep contacts of pet poisoning experts just in case you have an emergency in future. Follow the simple pet poison prevention tips to ensure the safety of your pets.

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