Animal Shelter Insurance

March 18, 2013

Your animal shelter provides an excellent service to our furry friends in need. However it is also at risk of lawsuits stemming from many different sources. Here is how you can protect your shelter from such risks and keep your doors open with specialty animal shelter insurance plans.

Keep Your Doors Open

Animal shelter accident and health insurance allows your organization to stay open so that you can continue providing your services to the community. Since some temperamental animals can be a risk to staff, volunteers and visitors, you need to protect yourself from a lawsuit that could close down your organization. Animal shelter liability insurance prevents this.

Protect Yourself from Non-Animal Risks

While protecting your organization from lawsuit risks due to animal bites or scratches, you also need to protect organization leaders from lawsuits and allegations from volunteers or former employees. It’s hard to imagine that someone would want to bring harm to an organization that only gives back to the community, but it can happen nonetheless.

Protect Your Property and Employees
Animal shelter liability insurance will cover your organization if another is harmed on the job. However, it will not protect your employees or the building you use. Accident & health insurance keeps your organization safe by covering property damage, worker’s compensation and equipment coverage. Many animal shelter insurance policies are designed to protect from such accidents.

Prevent Criminal Losses
Even though your animal shelter actively works to rescue animals in need, unfortunately it is still a target for criminal activity. Accident insurance covers any losses you may experience from a break-in or any other crime that is committed on your premises. If you are concerned about your shelter’s crime risks, discuss your concerns with your agent.

Keep Staff and Leaders Healthy

Your animal shelter may depend on a small staff in order to operate. Any time an employee is sick or has to miss work your shelter takes a hit. Health insurance for your staff keeps your employees healthy so that they can continue to work for your organization, and protects them from illness and injury.

When it comes to insuring your animal shelter, there are many things that need coverage. Discuss all your concerns with your insurance agent and you can find a plan that covers all your needs. Do not overlook the role of accident & health insurance when it comes to your animal shelter.



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