Keep Your Dog Safe Outdoors

March 14, 2013

Spending time outdoors is a great pastime for many individuals and families. It is no wonder that the time also includes the companionship of four legged friends. This time outside can have tragic results, often from situations that could have been prevented with a few simple pet safety approaches.

Five Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe While Outdoors

  1. Restraint or Containment – A dog should always be kept on leash when not in a contained space. The leash should only be held by an individual who is old enough and large enough to control the animal if something should happen, such as the dog becoming suddenly afraid or aggressive resulting at a strong lunge or pulling at the lead. Containment includes adequate fencing, or caging, that the canine is not able to go under, over, or through.
  2. Shelter – Each season and weather condition requires the appropriate type of shelter. Hot temperatures necessitate shade or cooler place to retreat to; rain and wind begs a covered location of some type; snow mandates a location off the ground that enables the dog to keep both warm and dry.
  3. Water – A dog needs the ability to access clean, fresh water year round. During the winter it is important to note that eating or licking ice or snow does not qualify for water intake.
  4. Socialization – Today it is common for people to want to take their animals to the dog park so that they can enjoy interactions with other dogs. This time can be hazardous when aggressive dogs are in the park or other open area. It is vital that owners understand and recognize aggressive signs and the best way to address the situation to prevent and limit injury.
  5. Health Care – Keeping dogs current on their vaccines and providing any parasite treatments aids in keeping the pooch happy as well as preventing illness or infestations from developing. Owners that are unsure of the correct health care for their pet should never hesitate to talk with their veterinarian.

Pet safety can be very easy to accomplish with a little forethought. Taking the time to follow these five steps can dramatically limit the financial hardship and emotional devastation that can result from time spent outside with pets.


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