Identify Signs of Poisoning in your Pet

March 12, 2013

If you own a beloved dog or cat that has free roam of your home you should be prepared with all the safety precautions for your pet. Your pet has free roam of your house and there are some substances or plants that can be poisonous for your dog or cat if ingested.

If you have purchased a new pet like a dog or a cat which is young you should be wary of your pet chewing on things that can be poisonous. Pets that roam around your garden also may eat plants or garbage that might poison them. Be aware of the symptoms of pet poisoning so that you are ready for any safety issues that might arise. You may also feed your pet junk food which inadvertently poisons your pet. The symptoms of poisoning may not be immediate and may manifest over days and even weeks. Below are some ways that you can identify if your pet is poisoned so that you can administer first aid immediately and then take your pet to a vet for further diagnosis and verification.

The symptoms of poisoning in a dog may vary due to the substance and the amount ingested.

If your dog is woozy, vomiting or breathing heavily or uncomfortably while sitting, look for more signs as to the reason for your dog’s behaviour.

A dog that is poisoned may suffer from any one or all of the following symptoms-

  • Vomiting
  • Lethargy
  • Diarrhoea
  • Lack of appetite
  • Staggering
  • Difficulty in breathing

If your dog is in this condition for a prolonged period of time such as an hour or more, do not hesitate to call a vet. It is also a good idea to check the temperature of your dog to rule out that your pet has caught a virus.

Some poisons when ingested by dogs can cause  hyper excitability, bleeding disorders, muscle rigidity or tremors, sensitivity to touch, light, or sound which may trigger seizures, or even
heart, kidney or liver disorders,

The tongue of your pet and lips will also become blue in the case of some poisoning.

If your dog is limping or has a swelling check for bites to be sure that your dog has not been bitten by a snake. If your dog has been bitten by a snake tie a bandage around the limb to cut off circulation and call a vet immediately for antivirus treatment.




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