Navigating Animal Rescue Insurance

March 11, 2013

Choosing a pet is a very important decision for any household or individual, as a prospective owner often considers their new animal a valued family member. This devotion includes spending money on nutritious food, comfortable living quarters and regular visits to the veterinarian.

Even the most ideal living arrangements can abruptly end without any notice, and the pet is sent to an animal rescue center. These places provide a valuable service to all involved. An animal rescue center opens its doors to pets that can no longer be cared by their owners due to unforeseen circumstances.

Usually taking a risk of this nature does have the potential of financial liability for the animal rescue center, as the director must have the proper written protection in place for the facility. The harsh reality is an animal rescue center is a business, and you must have supplement coverage added to your original insurance agreement.

Take Inventory

To come up with a sufficient animal rescue insurance package, you must take a closer look at the equipment that’s housed inside the center. Also, you must take into consideration the type of animals that are currently living on the premises, as some of the species (tropical snakes and chinchillas) are attractive targets for thieves.


Well, they have high value on the black market.

The Animal Rescue Location

The location of the animal rescue center will come into play when the insurance company makes their final decision, as the area might be considered a high crime rate district. Insurance companies might request you to install a secured wall or fence around the property. Others might require you to place video cameras all throughout the facility. Also, you will have to decide whether or not the animal rescue center should be open to the general public all year round.

Talk to Other Animal Rescue Centers

It’s very important that you contact other animal rescue centers in the area, and get their input on the different insurance plans available. Remember to ask them two questions: What’s their protocol in the event of a dog bite or some other animal-related accident? Do they have adequate insurance coverage in case of property damage or theft? Their answers could help to keep the doors of your business open.

A good insurance plan will allow an animal rescue center to outline their mission, aspirations and goals for the future more clearly.

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