Fundraising Ideas for Poison Prevention Month

March 7, 2013

It is pet poison prevention month and many of us will be thinking about what we can do to raise cash and increase awareness. Below we have 5 fund-raising ideas for you to consider.

1. You might try selling a service. Perhaps offer to walk a dog for an hour for a set fee. Or maybe groom and pamper a pet for a small donation. Do use a tin or a box outlining the aims of pet poison prevention month. This will educate and let people know what their donations are for.

2. Host a quiz night at your home or a local bar. Some of the questions could be about pet poisoning, maybe some facts and figures. The quiz however, should be dynamic and varied in all aspects of general knowledge.

3. Throw a party and have your donation boxes with appropriate literature on the door. This could be a great way of meeting people, raising funds and getting the message out.

4. Hold a bring-and-buy sale. This is an excellent way of generating funds and bringing a community together. In a corner of the room you could have a little display telling visitors what the fund raising is about and to make them aware what pet poison prevention month is about and its aims.

5. Get sponsored for a run or other activity. If the sponsored activity is adventurous enough you may not only make money, you may also attract local media interest to your cause.

Whatever, fund raising idea you come up with, it should be engaging and fun. Even if at the end of the month you have only made a few dollars it would have been worthwhile because your efforts will have publicized to your community the importance of pet poison prevention month.

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