Pet Insurance: Can it Help?

March 5, 2013

Families are a huge responsibility. Providing food, clothing and shelter to your loved ones is a given, but you want them to be covered from sickness or injury. Having health insurance for your wife, son or daughter makes a lot of sense as well as having personal liability insurance on your homeowner’s policy, but what about your dog or cat? They can be just as much a part of the family. Having them protected in the same way as your kids can be reassuring, but is it worth it to you? Here are some things to consider.

1. Your Pet’s Lifestyle.

Do you travel often with your dog? Taking your dog on car rides or frequent walks will usually do no harm (and will make your best friend happy). Still, there is the off chance that accidents like a car wreck or an attack from another dog can happen at any moment. Health insurance of dog liability insurance will come in handy, and ease the burden of otherwise costly vet bills or lawsuits.

2. Can I Afford It?
Depending on your animal, having health insurance can be pretty inexpensive. Insurance for a single cat can be as little as 18 dollars a month. However, having a breed of dog that is deemed dangerous (like a pit bull), can run you more money. Accidents can happen and they can cost a lot of money. While insurance on your dog may be expensive, fines or vet bills are too. Insurance can soften the blow.

3. What Does It Cover?
Depending on what the perks of the plan you sign up for may be, the plan could not be worth it to you. For instance, many pet health insurance plans will cover vaccinations, but may not help much when it comes to more serious matters. Dog liability insurance policies will help protect you financially in the event your dog is involved in an attack. It is best to research what an individual plan has to offer, and find one if it is right for you and your pet.

A pet can be a joy to have, but they also come with financial and social responsibility.  Pet insurance can help ease that stress. Do your research and find what’s best for you.

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