5 Steps to Testing Dogs for People Aggression

February 25, 2013

Dogs can show aggression with people, cats, cars, food and fellow dogs. There are numerous steps that may help in testing dogs for people aggression.

Consult the vet doctor

First and foremost, you should always make arrangements to take your dogs to the vet for regular checkup as this will help determine the health condition and know whether the health condition is a cause for aggression.  Dogs that suffer from mental ailments may prove to cause aggressive behavior around people.  It can then be controlled through proper medication so that the many aggression problems are easily solved.

Dog training

By taking your dogs to obedience dog training can help determine their behavior. While in the training, dogs with other dogs and people will make it easy to test and see a lot of things.  Furthermore, this will help your dogs to be more agreeable and learn to accept people and dogs of all kinds.

Give separate rooms

By this, they will not feel threatened and hence will be operating in their controlled form without force from the others who may want to dominate others within the dogs’ territory. It will enable the dogs to be independent in all they do and any slight uncouth behavior will be easy to detect.

Keep the dogs busy

It will also be a good step in testing the dogs for people aggression because once they are idle, they become bored and may lose focus in some way. Proper exercise will make them act in their rightful minds as they are kept mentally fit.


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