Screening for Adoptive & Foster Families

February 19, 2013

There are hundreds of abandoned animals every year and they are desperate for a loving home.  Dogs and cats make excellent pets, companions and family additions. An animal shelter that takes in pets wants to assure that they are put in safe homes where they will live a long happy life.

Making sure a pet is taken to a good home takes work.  Many people wish to obtain a pet on a whim, or because a child simply asks for one. Adopting a pet requires research by the family and a commitment of several years.  Go to a humane animal shelter with a good reputation.

Since a pet requires interaction and care every day, it is important that a screening process includes finding out about the family’s schedule and day to day activities. Being home alone inside a house for twelve or more hours a day is not a good scenario for a dog.  Staff at the animal shelter should ask about the family’s schedule for this reason.

Families who have a member who works at home is an ideal situation.  Other families who may have a member who works or goes to school near home is suitable, as well.  Family schedule options involving members in and out at various times of the day offers great stability for a pet. It breaks up the day for the animal and it begins to realize that it can look forward to human interaction daily at given times.

Reassure potential pet adopters at the animal shelter that when their pet has companionship, they are more likely to be co-operative and well behaved pets. Training is recommended. Pets are best when given attention and encouraged to play.

Interaction with a pet, playtime and affection, strengthens the bond between owner and pet. Pets do require some time for training and transition to a new home.  Certain types of pets may be better for some families and this can be discussed.  Cats may be a better option for some families and certain dog breeds are best suited for different levels of activity and for personality types.

Pets may not be a great idea for people who often travel for pleasure or business.  However, if plans include taking the pet or having a responsible person care for it, then it can still be a good fit.

Animal shelters utilize foster home and adoptive home screening measures to confirm that pets being adopted or fostered will be in great care.


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