10 Ways to Be a Better Volunteer

February 14, 2013

It’s only natural for someone who loves animals and who cares about their welfare to want to help out. Volunteering at your local animal shelter is one way to do this. If you’re an animal lover looking to improve your animal shelter volunteering, here are ten ways to help out!

  1. Get Involved! – You can’t be a good volunteer if you don’t get involved! Contact your local animal shelter and inquire about any open volunteer opportunities you can help them with.
  2. Clean clean clean! – Offering to clean out cages and tidying up the office is a big help to animal shelter staff. Cleaning often takes a backseat to more pressing matters.
  3. Take calls and any general office work – Trying to take calls, mail letters and care for animals is a challenge. Take over any clerical work that needs to be done.
  4. Decorate for holidays – Everyone is festive when their workplace is festive. If there’s a major holiday coming up, why not dress up the office? Even the animals will be festive!
  5. Spin a web! – If you’re tech-savvy, offer to make a Facebook or Twitter for your shelter. An online presence spreads the news quickly of animals in need, generating amazing results.
  6. Write a newsletter – Animal shelter volunteering doesn’t have to be solely in the office. Offer to write and maintain a monthly newsletter for your shelter detailing changes and future events.
  7. Teach a class – Teaching a class for dogs brings the community together and spreads the word about adoptions. Educating the public is always a good way to volunteer for animals.
  8. Cat socialization – Troubled cats may need a bit of loving before they go to a new home. Taking the time to stroke and hold a recovering cat can do wonders.
  9. Find homes for pets – If you know someone who is looking for a dog or cat, refer them to your shelter. Do whatever you can to match pets to families
  10. Become a foster parent – Pet foster parents care for animals that can’t be held at the shelter. If you can spare room and food, you can be a foster parent.

Animal shelter volunteering is a great way to be an animal advocate and do something good. There are plenty of options and ways to connect you and your expertise with a shelter in need. The shelter staff will thank you, and although they can’t say it, the animals will too!

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