Fundraising Ideas for Spring

February 12, 2013

Fundraising Ideas for the Spring

Fundraising for animal rescue shelters or any pet orientated event can be both rewarding and competitive. It’s important that each year you come up with new and innovative fundraising ideas, including the fundraiser itself and the venues. Spring can be the best time of year for that.  Keep in mind people love to spoil their pets, everything from pet supplies to insurance and pampering. Since animal rescue shelters have different types of animals, being creative with your prizes and sale items is where you can raise the most funds.
Spring fundraising can bring people outside, along with their animals so you may want to focus on events and venues that allow interaction between pet owners and volunteers. Keeping animal welfare organization directors on your “VIP” invite list builds networks and great business relationships.
Some great ideas for spring venues are listed below:

  • Pet Supply and Grooming shops are great venues to set-up a fundraiser. Usually outside the front doors. Make sure you offer the shops items at your stands, invite a few businesses to join. Pet lovers have multiple needs for pets.
  • Arrange a pet tea party and charge for admission at the door. Use a local park, spring time is perfect and no better time to meet new friends. Have a local pet caterer help you with goodies and set up tables. Offer professional pictures for a fee.
  • Spring can also bring warm enough weather to have a pet parade, charging for an entrance fee is how you can raise funds. Offer a prize for best out of three costumes.

Animal rescue shelters are run by volunteers who live and breathe for the life of animals and there are no government funds for that. Many of these shelters rely on local communities and large welfare organizations to pave the way for their future.

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