Canine Flu

December 27, 2012

Flu season is trampling through the United States right now, especially with the unseasonably high temperatures that many states are seeing. Like humans, dogs can contract a flu called the Canine Influenza Virus. Every year this very contagious flew infects thousands of dogs throughout the U.S. There are no predeterminations of which dogs will be infected with this influenza. Dogs of any breed, age, or vaccine status are susceptible to this infection. Dogs can get infected with this disease by coming in contact with any other infected dog. A vaccination for this infection is available and is recommended for dogs that interact with many other dogs on a regular basis. Symptoms of the Canine Influenza are a lot like the humans influenza virus, coughing, sneezing, fever, nasal discharge, rapid or difficulty breathing, loss of appetite, and/or fatigue. Veterinarians will diagnose your dog after running a series of physical examinations and tests. The Canine Flu is treated through good nutrition and supplements, warm and comfortable place for your pup to rest, medication to treat secondary bacterial infection (Canine Influenza is a virus, hence, there is no medication to treat it), and hydration. Dogs that are infected with this Canine Influenza are only contagious with other dogs, not with humans; therefore, you should keep your furry friend out of contact with any other canine until your veterinarian says that the virus is completely gone. Listening to your vet and being patient will help your pup have a comfortable and fast remission.

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