Tips to Getting Your Direct Mail Opened

December 24, 2012

When we get our mail at home, we usually look at the envelope and decide if we’re going to open it or not. Is your direct mail the one that most people toss in the trash or is it a mailing that catches the audience’s eye? To make sure that your direct mail is being opened, here some tips:

  1. Handwrite the recipients address.
  2. Use a street address for your returned address rather than a P.O. Box.
  3. Use an unusual item as the envelope that makes the mailing piece a little bulky (popcorn bag, dinner placemat, etc.) and put a grabber on the outside of it (nickel, etc.).
  4. Use a real stamp and put it on a little crooked.
  5. Do not use a company name on the return address.

If you think about it, all of these things make sense because that is what we look for when deciding if we open a piece of mail. People appreciate hand writing and regular stamps because it is so rare to see nowadays and throwing a grabber on the outside of the envelope never hurts.

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