Vaccinations for your Pets

December 13, 2012

Animals are a lot like humans, and just like humans, there are vaccinations available for pets to prevent illnesses and diseases that affect them. The emotional pain and money that are tied into dealing with a disease or illness that your pet is diagnosed with can all be avoided by getting the available vaccinations. The vaccinations have side-effects, like any other medication, but it is more likely that your pet will not have any negative reactions to the vaccine. Depending on the age, medical history, environment, travel pattern, and lifestyle of your pet your vet will determine a regime of vaccines that your pet should have, although some vaccines are completely optional to the owner. There are a few vaccines that are vital to all dogs based on risk of exposure. The rabies vaccination is a legally required vaccine for all animals, but depending on your state you may have to update your furry friend’s rabies vaccine annually or tri-annually. If you have any questions about vaccines or if you’re pet is acting or looking different after receiving a vaccine, do not hesitate to call your veterinarian.

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