Tips to a Refreshing New Year

December 1, 2012

The holidays can be a very stressful time as we all know. We’ve got relatives coming in from out of town, your residents have more visitors, there’s a great deal of cooking to get done, and trying to attend all of the holiday parties, it seems impossible sometimes! Because of this, I thought I’d share five tips to staying refreshed this New Year’s:

  1. Biophilia- a person’s bond with nature. This can be extremely relaxing and revitalizing because of the sereneness but also because our bodies need a proper amount of sunlight and darkness per day along with wide open spaces and fresh air.
  2. Exercise is another great tip because you’re not only getting tone but your releasing endorphins as well which makes you feel excellent. Just find what exercise works for you and it won’t even feel like exercise!
  3. Drinking your water is very important as well to stay hydrated, especially during warm weather. This will help with dry skin, remove toxins, keep your metabolism in line, and so much more, so drink up!
  4. Vitamin D is a vitamin that many Americans are deficient in during the winter because we get most of it from sunlight, so sunbathing is the way to go.
  5. Last but definitely not least, LAUGH! Spend time with loved ones that make you happy and laugh. Remember, laugh lines are something to be proud of.

So, hit the new years off right by enjoying some time with Mother Nature, playing some ball, quenching your thirst, taking your vitamins, and laughing your socks off.

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