Fall Cleaning Tips

September 24, 2012

            It’s coming to the time of pumpkins, falling leaves, and thanksgiving, but before any of that, you need to get your fall cleaning done. This does not involve the regular vacuuming, taking out the trash, and spraying a little febreeze, this is the real deal. Here are some fall cleaning tips:

  1. Turn over your mattress, vacuum the top of it, and wash your bedding linens.
  2. Get your carpets professionally cleaned. One pound of dirt and allergens can hide in EVERY square foot of your carpet that your vacuum cannot get up.
  3. Put away all summer equipment such as lawn chairs, grills, etc.
  4. Get rid of items that you have not used in a year, it will just collect dust. Consider taking your clothes that no longer fit or that you never wear to a good will or other charity.
  5. Check windows and doors to make sure air is not seeping through the cracks, if so, get them replaced, it will save you more money in the end.

Get out your cleaning gloves and get your elbow greased for some serious fall cleaning. Whoever said that spring cleaning is the only cleaning time of the year?

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